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Lineman/Woman Apprentice with Class A

PurposeAs one of the most innovative electric utilities in the country, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) values and rewards the contributions of its 2,000-plus employees. We're proud of our long-standing reputation as one of the best places to work in the Sacramento region, and we're always seeking talented people to help keep us moving forward. In addition, SMUD has been recognized as one of the nation's Best Workplaces for Commuters.
Among the many reasons that SMUD is a great place to work:
  • Challenging and fulfilling work
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Flexible work schedules
  • An inclusive and diverse culture
  • SMUD's reputation as a national energy leader
  • On-site fitness centers
  • CalPERS pension
  • Paid education/employee development program
  • Personal computer purchase program
  • Social/recreational employee association
  • Rideshare Program/commuter vans

SMUD is currently seeking individuals interested in becoming a line worker with our organization as an apprentice lineman/woman. Under close supervision, you will learn to perform work at the journey level in the installation, maintenance, and repair of distribution electrical systems including the hazards of working at elevations above ground, in trenches and vaults, as well as energized equipment.
Minimum QualificationsKNOWLEDGE OF:
  • Basic math
  • Basic safety rules and procedures
  • Safe use of hand and power tools
  • Read and understand job manuals, safety procedures, and training manuals on electrical theory and principles of electric distribution
  • Read and interpret written instructions
  • Remember and follow a series of directions
  • Work safely on and around high voltage conductors and equipment
  • Climb wood poles, steel structures, and ladders
  • Perform work at heights in a safe manner
  • Perform physically strenuous work for extended periods of time
  • Learn to operate line trucks and other equipment safely
  • Learn line construction methods and techniques
  • Learn knots and rigging used in line work
  • Learn material and tool nomenclature
  • Learn work site protection and safety precautions
  • Learn hazard identification
  • Learn SMUD radio operation and etiquette
  • Learn to read a wire print and diagram
  • Learn to operate a variety of equipment safely
EDUCATION:  Graduation from High School or equivalent
EXPERIENCE: Any combination of education and experience that provides the necessary skills, abilities, and knowledge.
  • Attend classes after normal working hours to obtain knowledge required for the job.
  • Able to obtain and maintain a Class A Driver’s License
  • Willingness to learn and operate equipment line construction equipment and tools
  • Must complete the Lineman/wn Apprentice training requirements in order to advance to the full- journey level.
WILLINGNESS TO: Work after hours and mandatory overtime as required.
LICENSES: Ability to obtain a valid Class A California Driver’s License within 6 months of employment.  Must possess a valid California's driver's license.

Work includes but is not limited to the following.  (Note:  While in general all functions/duties listed are essential, individual positions within this class may not require all.  Additionally, this list is not intended to be complete or exhaustive.)  Apprentices will perform these duties in a learning capacity.
  1. Performs complex rigging techniques using winches, block and tackle, ropes, slings, hoists, etc.
  2. Frames, sets, removes, wood or steel poles and associated anchors and guys.
  3. Makes connections and performs work on lines energized @ 120V through 230KV using rubber gloves and hot line tools.
  4. Climbs wood poles, steel structures, or ladders.
  5. Constructs/removes/maintains transmission towers.
  6. Installs/removes cross-arms, guy wires, insulators, disconnect devices, switches, capacitors, and various pole top apparatus.
  7. Lay out, measures, cuts, installs, terminates, and splices various types of cable.
  8. Connects pole bolt, pad mount, and submersible transformers.
  9. Assists Electricians in the installation, maintenance, and wiring of electric substations.
  10. Performs phasing tests on high voltage circuits.
  11. Performs maintenance functions on transmission and distribution lines.
  12. Installs and maintains night-lights, streetlights and street lighting equipment.
  13. Applies principles of electrical theory to line construction and maintenance work.
  14. Installs/removes work site protection devices.
  15. Assists Cable Splicer/Electricians in the construction and maintenance of network underground systems.
  16. Operates various types of equipment including; backhoes, tractors; front-loaders, rock saws, hole diggers, boom trucks, digger derricks, forklifts, water trucks, bobcats, cable pullers, cable-tensioners, trenchers, pole-stubbers, portable generators, portable/hydraulic pole setters, jackhammers, j tams and other related equipment.
  17. Operates aerial lift trucks and boom trucks.
  18. Operates SMUD vehicles, in the course of work, that may require a class a license.
  19. Installs/repairs cubicle/transformer wells, transformers, sprinkler systems, fences, landscaping, driveways, walkways, sewer/water pipes, and storm drains.
  20. Mixes, pours and finishes cement/concrete.
  21. Assembles/disassembles/pre-fabricates various material/parts.
  22. Installs residential and commercial meters of various types.
  23. Inspects trench, conduit, transformer pad/well, switching cubicle, pull box and vault installation.
  24. Inspects for G.O. 95 and 128 infractions.
  25. Cleans up PCB leaks and transports hazardous material.
  26. Uses chemicals for various tasks.
  27. Installs shoring, backfills, jets and compacts trenches and other various excavations.
  28. Performs cable locating, when necessary.
  29. Uses various types of tools to paint.
  30. Picks up and delivers materials.
  31. Removes and installs asphalt.
  32. Digs holes, trenches, splice pits manually or using power equipment.
  33. Assists in traffic control.
  34. Instructs, directs, and may train sub-ordinates.
  35. Uses mobile data terminals, as required, to process appropriate documents in order to accurately report time and reconcile jobs.
  36. Installs/removes and performs routine maintenance on dusk to dawn street lights.
  37. Installs/removes and performs maintenance on overhead and underground residential and commercial services.
  38. Connects/disconnects electric service.
  39. Inspects and approves customer service facilities.
  40. Performs minor tree trimming.
  41. Installs/removes or performs maintenance on transformers, capacitors, re-closers, regulators, and related line apparatus.

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