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Company Name:
Approximate Salary:
Not Specified
Palatka, Florida
United States
Engineering - Electrical
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
2 - 5 years
Education level:
High School or equivalent

Master Electrician


Maintains electrical components and systems of the plant in proper operating condition. Provides leadership for the electricians.

Essential Functions
* Adheres to all established health and safety policies and procedures.
* Provides feedback to coworkers, contractors and visitors on both safe and at-risk practices.
* Supports the SGS Safety Strategic Plan and participates in safety improvement activities and efforts.
* Maintains and/or repairs all electrical equipment in the plant with minimal or no supervision.
* Sets up and maintains drawings/instructional material for electrical systems.
* Assists the supervisor in the determination of required spare parts for maintaining plant electrical systems.
* Develops preventative maintenance procedures for electrical equipment as directed by the supervisor.
* Instructs Electricians in the proper methods and techniques.
* Serves as an instructor of “in-plant” electrical training courses.
* Writes system tests and check-out procedures for electrical systems.
* Confers with Maintenance and Operations personnel relative to adequate protective measures and ascertains that they are properly implemented.
* Engages in rigging set-ups involved in dismantling, handling, and reassembling electrical equipment.
* Diagnoses, locates, and repairs electrical problems.
* Released equipment for service and checks for correct performance of the equipment returned to service.
* Inspects, overhauls, renews, and/or adjusts components of electrical systems for cranes, elevators, diesel generators, and other auxiliary equipment.
* Performs maintenance, including the overhaul of generators, motors, excitation equipment, regulators, transformers, reactors, and capacitors in the plant.
* Performs maintenance, service, and installation work on oil and air circuit breakers, disconnect switches, air break switches, motor starters and compensators by adjusting, lubricating, repairing, and renewing parts and by removing and installing interchangeable assemblies.
* Performs installation, maintenance, and replacement work on apparatus, cable, wiring and associated conduit, ducts, terminals and other devices, oil filled cables and related oil expansion tanks, lines, potheads and grounding transformers, bus bars overhead conductors, jumpers, and related supports and bushings.
* Performs installation, maintenance, and replacement work on associated electrical accessories by adjusting and lubricating parts, renewing defective parts or wiring, and replacing defective units of control switches, auxiliary switches, operating relays and contactors, alarm and annunciator systems, and other related devices.
* Maintains, installs or replaces electrical protective devices by cleaning and adjusting horn gaps, replacing parts of lightning arrestors and surge protectors, and resetting or renewing parts of thermal cutouts and relays.
* Connects, disconnects and performs repair work on energized electrical equipment, using protective equipment and devices.
* Performs maintenance of station electrical equipment systems by replacing or repairing parts of automatic telephone exchange and telephone units.
* Uses special meters or devices to locate defects, test electrical circuits and equipment, maintain oil lines, tanks, and pneumatic equipment connected with oil circuit breakers and replaces nitrogen tanks connected with power transformers.
* Performs a variety of duties such as cleaning and painting equipment, checking and verifying proper equipment clearance and proper protective grounds, and inspecting completed work.
* Maintains work equipment and area in a clean, orderly condition; continuously observes Company safety rules and practices; checks the condition of safety equipment; attends scheduled safety meetings; participates in the Artificial Respiration Practice as required, and remains knowledgeable of current safety manuals, rules and special procedures as prescribed by the Company.
* Performs other similar or less skilled work; directs and trains employees as assigned; and assists in maintaining records for the electrical department.
* Performs other duties as applicable to the position or as assigned.
* Installs, inspects, and repairs the plant programmable controllers as assigned.

Working Conditions
While working in certain areas of the plant there is the potential for exposure to hazards typical of an industrial working environment. Must be able to follow established protective measures including, wearing required personal protective equipment (PPE). Must be able to work in all areas of the plant and grounds. Exposure to extreme temperatures, dust, and noise that may require special protective devices, equipment or clothing. Must be willing to work additional hours when necessary and respond to callouts on unscheduled hours or days. Must be able to perform physical labor as required. Overnight travel may be required. Must be able to climb stairs, use all types of ladders, and be able to enter vessels of all sizes. Must be able to use all types of rigging equipment. Must be able to operate a fork lift and mobile crane. Must be able to wear a negative pressure breathing apparatus. Must have the ability to lift objects on occasion up to fifty (50) pounds. Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s License.

Qualifications and Education Requirements
High School Diploma or equivalent and additional job training and/or trade school which includes the basic fundamentals of electricity and maintenance of electrical equipment required.

A minimum of five years’ experience in power plant maintenance, or the equivalent, as an Electrician is required.

Must have a thorough working knowledge of the principles and theory of electricity, magnetism and electric circuits; must be familiar with equipment services and operating characteristics of a power plant; must have a thorough working knowledge of safe rigging and scaffolding practices and the care and use of tackle, hoist and ladders. Must remain knowledgeable of safety policies and clearance procedures. Must be able to work from complex drawings, schematics, wiring diagra ms and specifications; must have demonstrated the ability to perform the work involved with the installation and maintenance of the various electrical equipment found in a power plant, preferably a coal-fired plant and to use a variety of tools and electrical test equipment; must exhibit an ability to perform and lead crew members in work requiring a high degree of skill and expertise, to instruct less skilled personnel and assume a high degree of responsibility; must be able to communicate orders and instructions in a manner that will generate effective and efficient work performance. Must be alert, resourceful, and capable of making correct decisions in emergencies.

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