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Palatka, Florida
United States
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Full Time
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Entry Level
Education level:
High School or equivalent

Master Mechanic

To perform, as assigned, all skilled work in connection with repair and maintenance of all power plant equipment associated with mechanical maintenance. Also interface with other departments to ensure efficient, reliable operation of Seminole generating units.

Essential Functions
* Adheres to all established health and safety policies and procedures.
* Provides feedback to coworkers, contractors and visitors on both safe and at-risk practices.
* Supports the SGS Safety Strategic Plan and participates in safety improvement activities and efforts.
* Repair and maintain plant equipment such as boiler, turbine and all associated equipment e.g. intake screens, water tunnels, cooling towers, water treatment facilities, conveyor equipment, mobile equipment, plant structures, coal feeders/pulverizers, and burners.
* Performs alignment of station mechanical equipment, operating all machine shop equipm ent for reconditioning equipment parts and fabricating new parts from stock material. Setting up machines for desired operation and working within specified standards; make bearing jigs and special tools. Heat treating, metal spraying, recondition valves, bushings, sleeves, gears, etc. and align and balance rotating equipment: prepare simple working sketches used in this connection.
* Engages in all phases of oxy-acetylene welding, carbon air arc cutting, flame cutting, brazing, heat treating, plasma-cutting, and black-smithing. Must be skilled in steam fitting, pipe fitting and structural fitting and welding. Assembles appropriate materials, prepares items to receive applications and used appropriate tools and equipment in such applications.
* Engages in plumbing, insulating, carpentry, pipe fitting other than welded, rigging and safe lifting.
* Engages in the operations for the alteration, installation or removal of station mechanical componen ts by working from blueprints or sketches. Make the necessary changes, remove old and install new components and field check the material as assigned.
* Performs a variety of duties such as equipment inspection to determine extent of defects, diagnose faulty operation and apply corrective methods, engage in operational test, lubricate equipment, verify working clearances and check completed work.
* Maintain work area and equipment in a clean, orderly condition, continuously observe SECI Safety Rules and Practices, check condition of safety equipment, attend scheduled safety meetings, participate in artificial respiration practices as required and become familiar with safety manuals, rules, and special procedures prescribed by SECI.
* Perform other similar or less skilled work. Direct and train personnel as assigned.
* Performs other duties as applicable to the position or as assigned.
* Operates mechanized equipment su ch as cranes and forklifts.

Qualifications and Education Requirements
High School diploma or equivalent plus six months to one year of additional related technical training.

Five years in mechanical and boiler equipment maintenance of which three years should have been as a mechanic or the equivalent in specialized training in mechanical discipline. Must possess Machinist Certification or High Pressure Welding Certification. This will be determined by completion of the SECI Certified Machinist or Certified Welding Certificate standards or equivalent. Machinist Certification standards consist of completion of the SECI Machinist test consisting of oral/written exam and demonstration. Welding Certification standards consist of successful completion of weld test and all SECI weld procedures. This will be determined by an independent lab under contract to SECI.

Must be thoroughly knowledgeable regarding all relevant safety procedures, regulations and equipment. Must possess a detailed working knowledge of mechanical equipment, tools and procedures which relate to maintenance and repair needs associated with coal fired electrical generating facilities. Should have a good knowledge of mechanical principles, functions and operations. Must be knowledgeable regarding work difficulty and time required to complete various assigned tasks. Must be able to perform the skilled operations connected with the maintenance, repair and renewal of turbines, turbine auxiliaries, boiler, boiler auxiliaries, coal handling equipment, support systems equipment such as FGD system, flash handling systems, water treatment systems and any and all other mechanical equipment associated with the generation of electricity for Seminole. Must demonstrate the ability to maintain harmonious relationships with other employees throughout the plant.

Working Conditions
While working in certain areas of the plant there i s the potential for exposure to hazards typical of an industrial working environment. Must be able to follow established protective measures including, wearing required personal protective equipment (PPE). Must be able to work in extreme temperatures, dust and noise levels which may require ear or respiratory protection. Requires outside work under all weather conditions, work around dangerous chemicals and high steam pressures. Requires working at heights of 100 feet or more, at times. Requires working irregular hours to support emergency work needed for reliable generation. Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s License. Must be able to climb ladders, stairs and entering vessels through hatches that may be as small as 18” square. Other tasks require use of rigging equipment, such as chain falls, come-a-longs and hardware that may require hanging these in hard to access places. Turbine overhauls involve operating the overhead crane, swinging a 20 pound sledge hammer an d operating a 2 ½” pneumatic impact wrench. Mill overhauls require operating a forklift and mobile crane to remove large components of the pulverizer. Must be able to lift items up to 50 pounds. Boiler repairs involve erecting scaffold out into the boiler pendant tubes from the “bullnose” area. Must be able to rig suspended scaffold/air motors from the penthouse area and then ride that scaffold up to the work area, which may be as high as 200 feet from the furnace bottom. Must wear negative pressure breathing apparatus and get a proper fit. Must be able to read and comprehend warning signs, job orders and blueprints. Must have a satisfactory degree of leadership skills. Must be capable of directing and leading craftsmen of equal or lesser qualifications with appropriate mechanical skills.


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