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Sacramento Bradshaw, California
United States
Substations, Telecomm & Metering Assets
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Full Time
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Meter Technician

PurposeTo install, maintain, and repair electromechanical and electronic meters and associated equipment.  An employee in this classification receives limited supervision, works alone, is expected to perform the work in a safe and timely manner, maximizes service reliability, ensures measurement accuracy, and maintains good customer relations.
Minimum QualificationsKnowledge of:
Principles of electricity applicable to power distribution; principles of electricity and electronics as applied to the analysis of single-phase and poly-phase meters, standards, electronic data recorders, etc.; electric and electronic metering devices; operation and metering effects of instrument transformers; principles of reactive volt-ampere-hour measurement; vector analysis; all phases of calibration, repair and maintenance of meters; meter selection for proper metering of electrical energy; SMUD and local regulations, codes and standard metering work and equipment, and safety standards and practices; a general knowledge of computer hardware and software as it pertains to metering.
Skill to:
Read and identify circuitry from schematics and diagrams; designate appropriate metering; properly wire complex color-coded meter installations; perform accurate calibrations in the shop or in the field, use a variety of metering and testing equipment; prepare accurate reports on meter installations which may include trigonometry and other graphic representations; read and interpret technical manuals and specifications; work safely around high voltages; keep abreast of new technological advances in the field of metering; perform metering calculations using algebra and trigonometry; exercise independent judgment in decision-making; train, advise and instruct apprentices and other employees on metering and safety procedures; establish and maintain harmonious work relationships with customers, contractors, other SMUD employees and other utility personnel; maintain a good driving record.

High School Diploma or equivalent

Successful completion of a four-year Apprentice Meter Technician program, or two years experience as Meter Technician with an electric utility company.

Major Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Installs, tests, trouble-shoots, and repairs electronic and electromechanical kWh meters and various electronic data recorders.
  2. Removes single phase residential electric meters.
  3. Verifies proper voltage at meter panel using voltage tester.
  4. Installs single-phase residential electric meter and checks for proper operation.
  5. Installs and maintains solid-state isolation relays used for data acquisition and customer load management.
  6. Wires, installs, tests, and maintains all new commercial metering installations, including 12kV primary voltage revenue metering installations.
  7. Tests and installs buss type and doughnut type current transformers.
  8. Verifies the wiring and meter accuracy of all new and existing commercial revenue metering installations.
  9. Installs, maintains, and tests residential kWh meters.
  10. Investigates the causes of commercial and residential metering problems, makes repairs, and/or advises customers on possible solutions their problems.
  11. Trains apprentices on all aspects of the installation and maintenance of the various types of electronic data records, transducers, current transformers and temperature sensors and flow sensors on the customers electric panels and equipment used for data collection.  Provides training to apprentices on meter testing in the field using a portable test kit.  Provides training to apprentices in the field as to the installation and wiring of current transformers and test switches used with transformer rated metering systems.
  12. Inspects new meter panels to verify adherence to SMUD regulations, NEC codes and local inspect agencies.
  13. Maintains good public relations while interacting with SMUD customers, local contractors, and county and city electrical inspectors.
  14. Completes work in a safe, professional and timely manner.
  15. Performs other related duties similar in scope and function to the above, as required.

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