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Not Specified
Tampa, Florida
United States
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
5+ years
Education level:
Bachelor's Degree
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Job Title:
Senior NERC Compliance Advisor

Senior NERC Compliance Advisor

Position Summary:
Seminole is seeking applicants for the position of Senior NERC Compliance Advisor within the Regulatory Compliance Department (RGC). This individual will perform within an RGC sub-group that manages a centralized Reliability Standards compliance monitoring and reporting process to assure Seminole's auditable compliance with FERC, NERC, and SERC standards. 

Individuals with significant experience relating to NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards are strongly encouraged to apply 

Essential Functions:
* Coordinates compliance activities related to NERC Reliability Standards.
* Participates significantly in periodic Agency audits.
* Monitors industry best practices and identifies changes in regulatory compliance for cyber and physical security.
* Confers with management to identify and address potential areas of non-compliance and anticipate future compliance requirements.
* Performs compliance assessments, documents compliance status, and makes recommendations on corrective action required to achieve compliance with Reliability Standards.
* Responds to requests of regional regulatory agencies and internal departments to ensure issues addressed in a timely manner.
* Participates in coordination of mandatory filings for federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.
* May represent organization at meetings at the regional and federal level.
* Evaluates and prepares procedural documentation, ongoing monitoring, testing, and remediation related to NERC compliance.
* Interprets new and existing regulations in consultation with legal and other subject matter experts to determine applicability.
* Provides technical leadership in the planning, development, organizational, coordination, implementation, and review of the CIP compliance program.
* Other duties as applicable to the position or as assigned. 

Working Conditions:
Some travel and work outside of normal business hours. While working in certain areas of the plant there is the potential for exposure to hazards typical of an industrial working environment. Must be able to follow established protective measures including, wearing required personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Qualifications and Education Requirements:
Seven (7) years of experience in Engineering, Information Technology, and/or specific NERC subject matter experience. Five (5) years experience with NERC Reliability Standards is highly desired. Remain current with all NERC, FERC, and SERC compliance regulations and procedures. Must be knowledgeable and familiar with the technical terminology used in the Reliability Standards. 

A Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Information Technologies (IT) is desired. Other four-year academic degrees in combination with relevant experience will be considered. 

Technical Competencies/Skills:
* Knowledge of auditing procedures and risk management
* Knowledge of FERC standards of conduct and NERC reliability standards
* Knowledge of internal controls
* Audit knowledge 

Soft Competencies/Skills:
* Communication – written and verbal
* Planning
* Organization
* Analysis
* Detail oriented
* Time management
* Strong interpersonal

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