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Company Name:
Approximate Salary:
Not Specified
Stl Metro St. Louis, Illinois
United States
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
2 - 5 years
Education level:
Bachelor's Degree

Subs Traveling Serviceman


Under either direct supervision or under indirect and intermittent supervision as assigned, working on a

rotating shift in any of the various districts of the city and county and in the capacity of a learner in

training for eventual Substation Traveling Operator duty, to inspect as assigned and to operate as

directed, both on a routine schedule and on call, any of a specified number of substations, including

automatic and manual substations, to open and close switches, start, stop, load and unload the various

items of equipment as directed by and in the presence of a Substation Traveling Operator in accordance

with standard instructions or instructions received from the Dispatcher's Office, and to perform similar

and less skilled work as required:

A.) As directed by and in the presence of a Substation Traveling Operator, to perform details of

work, such as:

Open and close oil circuit breakers, disconnects and air-break switches, as per standard

instructions, or as directed.

Switch network transformers and protectors. Switching includes moving the primary switch

into the transformer, open, phasing and ground positions. It also includes moving the

secondary network protector switch into the open, close and automatic positions. (Two Man


Patrol 4, 12, 13.8, & 34kv Circuits as directed.

Control bus voltage in substations.

Inspect distribution line capacitor banks from the ground, and inspect capacitor bank

controls from the ground or from a ladder and record data.

Clear equipment to be worked on and be sure that safety measures are observed.

Make minor adjustments to relays and replace blown fuses on equipment.

Apply leads for circuit grounding, phasing and testing.


Check phases of circuits.

Check synchronism or polarity of circuits before closing switches.  B.) As assigned by the Operating Foreman and under indirect and intermittent supervision, to perform details of work, such as:

Change meter charts.

Inspect substation equipment, buildings and grounds, for proper operating conditions and

for incipient trouble.

Check trip counters and relay targets and make out reports.

Record designated operating data and use such data as required to assure correct equipment operation.

Make calculations on station load data to show daily peak.

Operate mobile radio-telephone receiver and transmitter used for communication.

Familiarize himself with one line diagrams, schematic diagrams, operating instructions and operating manual for the Ameren System.

Reviewing switching procedures and substation operation with the Operating Foreman in the field.


For accurately clearing equipment and performing correct switching operations in any substation as directed by a Substation Traveling Operator.

For detecting incipient damage to equipment during substation inspections.

For safety of others when clearing and grounding circuits to be worked on, and when driving a vehicle.

Have a willingness to learn and to accept instruction.

For observance of safety rules to insure safety to himself, other workmen and the public.


At times with employees in other Divisions of the Company.


Exposed to outside weather conditions at outdoor substation and while traveling between substations, subject to some drafts from cooling equipment and dirt while equipment is being cleaned, and to high temperatures during summer months.


Subject to hazards of electrical shock, flash or burns when operating high voltage disconnect switches, replacing high voltage fuses, placing grounds or test jumpers, and in other operations. Also, subject to hazards of possible failure of nearby electrical equipment.


Graduation from high school or the equivalent, supplemented by a Company-approved one year course of study which includes the fundamentals of DC-AC electrical circuits and electrical equipment.

Must be able to pass a respirator fit test.

Must pass an entry-level test in basic electricity.

Must have passed a C.A.S.T. test.

Must be steady, dependable and have average physical strength and endurance.

Must be able to work in confined spaces.

Must be neat in appearance, demonstrate tact and diplomacy in dealing with customers, possess and maintain a valid motor vehicle operator's license

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.


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