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Substation Maintenance Worker I

To perform routine inspections, testing, and maintenance work in electric transmission and distribution substations.

This is the entry level class in the Substation Maintenance Worker series. A new hire to this level has little or no directly related work experience and works under the direction of a Substation Foreman or Electrician while learning their job tasks. A Level I worker may also on occasion be assigned to a Substation Electrical Worker crew to perform work under the direction of a Substation Foreman or Electrician. A Level I worker will be considered for progression after they have successfully completed the following requirements:

A Substation Maintenance Worker Level I must successfully complete a prescribed training program and an evaluation period of two years. The training program includes some electrical theory and On-The-Job-Training (OJT) on how to perform their job tasks. The training program will include regular step tests and a comprehensive test during the final review of the training period. The two-year evaluation period will include regular performance reviews followed by a final performance review completed in the 23rd month of the two-year evaluation period. An agreement will be prepared listing each of these requirements in detail and the agreement will be provided for review and approval by the IBEW Business Representative and SMUD Labor Relations and the signed acceptance by the newly hired Level I worker. The Level I worker must complete the terms and conditions of the agreement within two years. If the Level I worker does not successfully complete the terms and conditions of the agreement the Level I worker will have failed probation.
Major Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Perform inspection and data recording of Transmission and Distribution Substation facilities in accordance with SMUD procedures including safely opening designated energized equipment cabinets for visual inspections and data recording
  2. Perform distribution substation circuit breaker re-closing switching in accordance with SMUD procedures to facilitate safe substation inspection.
  3. Perform the following inspections and maintenance
    1. Operate fans and pumps on manual control
    2. Change auto/manual fan and pump settings
    3. Bleed condensate from circuit breaker air tanks
    4. Perform visual inspections of Substation Equipment
    5. Check pressure gage on nitrogen bottles and transformer tanks
    6. Check indicator lights and replace bulbs as required
    7. Change light bulbs and ballasts as required
    8. Obtain oil samples from substation oil filled equipment and deliver to testing facility
    9. Contain and/or clean minor oil spills
    10. Change nitrogen cylinders
    11. Reset specified alarm devices
    12. Inspect/replace transformer Desiccant
    13. Inspect and clean oil containment basins/tanks and verify system is operational.
    14. Maintain substation signage
    15. Maintain substation yard appearance by picking up and disposing of trash
    16. Perform minor painting
    17. Inspect and change filters
    18. Perform substation battery testing
    19. Perform infrared testing of equipment
    20. Perform minor custodial work in Transmission Control Buildings and Distribution Switchgear Enclosures
  4. Use phones/computers to receive work, enter inspection data and pictures and record work status.
  5. Safe use of hand & power tools, personal protective equipment, and testing apparatus
Minimum Qualifications
Knowledge Of:
Basic mathematics including multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, decimals, fractions, square roots, exponents, and basic algebra and trigonometry; and basic computer and key boarding techniques.

Skill To:
Safely operate Class C vehicles

High School graduation or equivalent
Desirable Qualifications
Previous work experience performing installations, repairs, maintenance, and service on electrical and/or mechanical equipment, apparatus, and systems.

Previous technical school or college level equivalent training in electrical and electrical/mechanical systems.

Previous work experience using various tools and equipment such as voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, drills, grinders, sanders, saws, cutters.

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