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Not Specified
COLUMBIA, South Carolina
United States
Engineering - Electrical
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
5+ years
Education level:
Bachelor's Degree

Transmission Planning Engineer

Position Summary:  Works for Senior Level Engineers to produce and analyze Load Flow and Short Circuit models of the combined Central/Santee Cooper transmission system in order to ensure that the transmission system meets both current and future needs of Central Electric’s Member Cooperatives, based on pre- established planning criteria. 

Provides Load Flow analysis of alternative electrical services to new delivery points for the development of G&T level Construction Work Plans for Senior Level Engineers. Supports Senior Level Engineers with the planning and design of Member distribution facilities and assists with providing Members with transmission system performance characteristics (Load Flow and Short Circuit models) required to plan and design adequate distribution facilities.  

Provides technical assistance to Senior Level Engineers and Member Cooperatives in the areas of economic analysis, communications, power quality analysis, stray voltage analysis, infrared inspection, etc.  Assists Senior Level Engineers with technical information for Santee Cooper and Member Cooperatives on all engineering matters.  

Supports the process of revenue billing.  Insures that metering equipment is programmed accurately and that transformer and system losses are correctly applied.  Assists the Administrator of Metering Services in the collection on meter data.  Assists the Director/Senior Engineer in the validation of revenue metering data. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Support the development and incorporation of Member Cooperative’s active and future projects in to the Construction Work Plan (CWP).
  2. Provides assistance and technical support in installing metering packages as required with Power Suppliers, Santee Cooper and Duke Energy Carolinas.
  3. Upon request, provides technical support in selection and installation of metering packages for Member Cooperatives.
  4. Provide assistance to ensure revenue metering data is collected and validated for revenue billing. Data is collected daily and validated at selected periods during each month.
  5. Provide assistance with maintaining outage data on Central Member Delivery Points. Provide Outage Indices reports as needed. Provide outage data as requested to member cooperatives or South Carolina Power Team.
  6. Remains current with FERC orders NERC/SERC Reliability and Compliance Standards, and ensures Central’s compliance with current and developing enforceable standards.
  7. Provide assistance in maintaining the Active Projects List (APL) for tracking project status and energization dates for Central and the Joint Operating Committee.
  8. Provide assistance in performing interconnection studies for Central and Member Cooperatives related to small and large generator interconnection request.
  9. Conducts transmission system planning studies including load flow and short circuit modeling of the transmission system. Determines adequacy of the transmission system and assists supervisor with information to provide recommendation of required system modifications to ensure planning criteria is maintained.
  10. Performs transformer loss evaluations as required. Assists Manager of Engineering with economic and engineering analysis of transmission alternatives.
  11. Assists with coordination for system transmission and transformer changes between the Santee Cooper, Central, and the Member Cooperatives.
  12. Assists with engineering support for economic development and large industrial loads, including analyzing the historical performance of the system in the area and recommending system changes required to provide reliable service.
  13. Assists with engineering services in power supply and delivery matters to Members Cooperatives as required.
  14. Upon request, provides engineering support for Member Cooperatives in the areas of Construction Work Plans, Sectionalizing Studies, and Long Range Work Plans.
  15. Upon request, provides Member Cooperatives with outage data, source impedances, available fault currents, transmission system available capacity for prospective loads.
  16. Provides supervision for engineering support as required for evaluating power quality problems, stray voltage, and EMF for Member Cooperatives and large industrial loads.
  17. Provides supervision with support in the power quality program sponsored by Central. Upon request supervises technical support on the installation and operation of the power quality equipment. Supervises maintenance and calibration as needed.
  18. Supervises analysis of results to Member Cooperatives/industries. Provides supervision with identifying problems, making recommendations and providing sources to Member Cooperatives/industries for solutions. Supervises training of Member staff in the area of power quality problem identification and solutions
  19. Provides supervision with support in the infrared inspection program sponsored by Central. Upon request, provides supervision with support on the operation of the Infrared equipment. Supervises maintenance and calibration as needed. Supervises engineering support on the analysis of results to Member Cooperatives/industries. Provides supervision with Identifying problems, making recommendations and providing sources to Member Cooperatives/industries for solutions. Supervises with training of Member staff in the area of infrared inspection, problem identification and solutions.
  20. Performs other incidental and related duties as required and assigned. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 

  • Strong organization and project management skills needed.
  • Must possess ability to learn and interpret output data from Power System Simulator for Engineering (PSSE) and CYME Power Engineering Software to make accurate decisions regarding system coordination and relay settings
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Essential to be able to visit job sites and walk through and inspect the various sites 

Education and Work Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or Graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from an ABET accredited institution is required.
  • Fundamental’s in Engineering classification is required.  Professional Engineer’s license is preferred.
  • 5 or more years prior experience in the electric utility industry is desired.

Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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